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Planned Parenthood video removed, Daleiden protests June 2017
Bill Nye’s overpopulation claims resurface, but America disapproves June 2017
Faces matter, even before you’re born  June 2017
Action alert on Supreme Court nominee Judge Gorsuch  March 2017
World Down Syndrome Day as celebrated in Rochester  March 2017
Good Friday Prayer Service and Stations of the Cross in Reparation for Abortion  March 2017
Action alert on Title X funding successful  February 2017
Down syndrome progress but not in France
  January 2017
RARTL Oratorical Contest for high school juniors and seniors  January 2017
Washington Women’s March:  only for some women  January 2017
India’s sterilization camps ordered closed           October 2016
Adult stem cells to be studied for traumatic brain injury          October 2016
Gallup says Americans suddenly pro-choice.  True?            October 2016
Britain’s new PM has voted pro-life          Summer   2016
AMA considering dropping opposition to assisted suicide          Summer   2016
Threat to the Hyde Amendment from Democrat Party Platform            Summer   2016
Texas protected women, SC protected predators           Summer   2016
Abortion changes in Russia        March 2015
World Health Organization: cheaper vs. safer      March 2015
Palliative care concerns in Canada     March 2015
Pro-life billboards in Rochester           August 2015
New York Times: overpopulation not a problem after all        August 2015
Belgian doctors “killing patients who have not asked to die”      August 2015
Congratulations West Virginia     August 2015
Surrogacy goes south to Mexico           November 2014
RIP Sandra Cano of Doe v. Bolton           November 2014
LIFE Runners at 5K           November 2014
Judge invents assisted suicide right in New Mexico             February 2014
Media non-coverage of the March for Life in Washington            February 2014
Secular pro-life organizations at the March for Life 2014            February 2014
Brit Hume: “The Moral Case for Defending Life”            February 2014
Duck Dynasty and cleft palate          November 2014
Remember Savita in Ireland?          November 2014
More India data on abortion and breast cancer          November 2014
Obamacare: Federally subsidized abortion          November 2014
Personhood needs state laws            November 2014
Nelson Mandela vehemently pro-choice              February 2014
Abortions over 56 million since Roe v. Wade                February 2014
British doctors told to identify one percent as frailest         October  2012
“Palliative care” expansion – not just for the terminally ill        October  2012
Placental cells and maternal heart healing           March 2012
Planned Parenthood targets your kids             March 2012

The power of public opinion: Payne County Bank     April 2011
KIDS – Keep Infants with Down Syndrome    April 2011
Shocking video and surprising lawsuit      April, 2011
Much ado about Maafa in Princeton        April, 2011
Pope celebrated vigil for “nascent human life”        January, 2011
Nickleson push for euthanasia threatens us all – No Less Human defends disabled   August 2010
Pro-Life Congressman Chris Smith Tells U.N. Abortion Will Harm, Not Help, Millennium Goals August 2010
Abby Johnson –  From Planned Parenthood to Pro-Life  January 2010
Saving a Leg and a Life  –  Do We Have to Amputate?  December, 2010
Obamacare – Inaccurate Claims of 2010     December, 2010
Eggsploitation: egg donation hazards      August, 2010
UN Committee Attacks Motherhood, Demands New “Rights” for Women      August, 2010
Embryos not human, rules Korean high court      August, 2010
No Constitutional Right to Assisted Suicide in Montana – but Not Against Current Law    January, 2010

Getting Real A Saline Abortion in Rochester  September 2009
Infant mortality:  Is it really so bad in the U.S.?  September 2009
Maternal-Fetal Medicine – a different specialty  September 2009
“Those of us who support legal protection for the unborn are dismissed as idealists…”   September 2009
Flashpoint!  A Woman’s Right to Choose     February 2009
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Choose Life License Plate Success Stories   February 2009
Pro-Lifers in Obamaland   February 2009
UNICEF Report Ignores Child Survival      February 2009
Christmas Irony 2009       February 2009
Pro-Life Community TV in Rochester       February 2009

Bishops punishing bishops?   December 2008

UN pro-lifers at further risk   December 2008

Bush issues conscience protection rules  December 2008

Repair of intestines and a new trachea  December 2008

Pro-lifers: Election day is done, but not our work  November 2008

Rochester Area Right to Life PAC Endorsements  October 2008

AIDS conference focuses on abortion  October 2008

Guilt and shame and the APA   October 2008

Missouri pro-life display vandalized  October 2008

Teen Oral Sex Ad Funded by Taxpayer Dollars   August 2008

40 Days for Life – in Rochester for the first time  August 2008

A pro-life worker in Israel  August 2008

Continued good news – an adult stem cell status report   August 2008

Award for euthanasia of the pre-born   August 2008

2008 Rochester Events Recalling Roe V. Wade  January 2008

Amnesty International now pushing abortion  January 2008

Governor Eliot Spitzer Added to ‘Choose Life’ Federal Lawsuit  January 2008

IPPF and UNFPA Ramping Up Abortion Campaigns in Africa  January 2008

International Planned Parenthood Federation Launches a New Abortion Campaign in Europe  January 2008


Featured Article

India’s sterilization camps ordered closed A step forward for India

Sterilization of women has long been a part of India’s efforts at population control.  States are rewarded for achieving targets, which are often dependent on “sterilization camps,” where many women are sterilized under unsanitary conditions, with inadequate or nonexistent medical care afterwards.

India’s Supreme Court has now ordered that all sterilization camps be closed within three years.  It also urged much better compensation for botched procedures and directed that the central government be accountable for assuring that state governments follow proper protocols, including the gathering of data.

The Population Research Institute (PRI) points out that corruption is endemic in the program, because state governments set targets for number of sterilization and may reward the best-performing areas.  Women are offered the equivalent of $21 to be sterilized, but are not warned of the dangers.  The Court mandated that such warnings were to be given in the woman’s own language, even though there are at least 122 major languages spoken in India.

PRI says that although this is “a step in the right direction,” the central government “must eliminate the system of bribes and incentives that drive the program.”  Until that happens, PRI says, “the abuses will continue.” Read PRI’s Full Article, here.