Abortions over 56 million since Roe v. Wade

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November 15, 2014
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March 15, 2015

Abortions over 56 million since Roe v. Wade

The March for Life in Washington every year is a sad remembrance of the Roe v. Wade decision that kicked off the wave of legal killing of preborn children in the US.  National Right to Life (NRLC) calculates abortion statistics based on information from (1) the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which does not receive abortion data from several states including California, and (2) the Guttmacher Institute, which receives data from abortionists in all states including California but which does not do its data collection every year.

Based on the most recently released (2010) data from CDC, NRLC calculates that have been between 56 and 57 million abortions in the US since Roe v. Wade.

However, they add an encouraging note.  In 1990 there were 1.6 million abortions.  If abortion had continued at the same rate, the cumulative total would be close to 64 million by now, 7 million more.

NRLC credits those 7 million saved lives to the efforts of pro-lifers.  NRLC said, “Of course the Movement has a long way to go to return full legal protection to unborn children. But never underestimate the importance of what you, grassroots pro-life America, are doing.”


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