Planned Parenthood video removed, Daleiden protests

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June 20, 2017
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Planned Parenthood video removed, Daleiden protests

The latest video exposing Planned Parenthood’s gruesome ways has been removed from the internet. In response, the producers and their lawyers are attempting to disqualify the judge who made this ruling.

National media outlets have mostly ignored the series of videos released by the Center for Medical Progress exposing Planned Parenthood’s detestable. But with recent developments over the latest video released, this is becoming much more difficult to reasonably do.

Judge William Orrick’s ruling to remove the video from the internet flew under the radar thanks to the cooperation of major internet video sources. But now, as David Daleiden and CMP lawyers file a motion to disqualify judge Orrick, tables have turned.

The motion doesn’t simply point out the violation of the CMP’s first amendment rights of freedom of speech and press which is evident in this ruling. It also points to judge Orrick’s past outspoken support of Planned Parenthood, even his wife’s pro-abortion Facebook comments.

Ultimately, what disqualifies judge Orrick is not whether or not he supports abortion, but his clear lack of regard for the Constitution. Still, these supporting facts are beneficial in that they help to reveal the clear bias the judge holds which obviously has a significant impact on how he rules.

As for Daleiden and the CMP, challenging the ruling serves two purposes. One, of course, is to overturn the decision and get the videos which have educated so many on the horrifying reality of Planned Parenthood back on the internet. But also, challenging Orrick attracts some much needed publicity to both the videos and the accompanying issue of free speech.

Abortion activists are doing all they can to keep the videos off the internet and silence the opposing viewpoints. Unfortunately for them, this serves as a severe blow to their reputation as it makes them come across as anti free speech. And for those like Orrick, those who abuse their power to remove a video from the internet because they fear the impact of its message, the claim that they oppose free speech is a legitimate one.

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