Award for euthanasia of the pre-born

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January 25, 2008
Continued good news – an adult stem cell status report
August 11, 2008

A medical scientist in Britain who helped develop prenatal tests for anencephaly, Down’s syndrome and spina bifida has been honoured by Queen Elizabeth II. Professor Nicholas Wald of London University is to become a knight bachelor. [BBC, 14 June]

Alison Davis of SPUC’s No Less Human group said: “Prof. Wald’s award, for developing pre-natal tests whose sole aim is to identify disabled babies in the womb so that they can be aborted, is hardly an achievement in the eyes of disabled people. This is not ‘prevention’ of disability, as he maintains, and as his job title suggests, but direct and deliberate eugenic killing.” [SPUC director’s blog, 14 June]

State-funding for a pre-natal screening test for Down’s syndrome is restricted in Scotland, according to an enquiry by a newspaper. Pregnant women are paying private clinics £200 for the procedure. The test, a nuchal fold scan at 11-14 weeks, is offered by 30% of hospitals in England. [Scotsman, 14 June]

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