Christmas Irony 2009 

Flashpoint! A Woman’s Right To Choose
February 15, 2009
Pro-Lifers in Obamaland
February 15, 2009

Many of us decorate our houses, frequently both inside and out, for Christmas.  As part of our decoration, we get out the Nativity scene from the closet or the attic.  We take pleasure in putting out Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, in the center of a gathering that usually features the Wise Men from the Orient, shepherds, and miscellaneous livestock that includes sheep, a cow, and a donkey.

We may read the Christmas story of Jesus, born in the stable, and how his parents later had to flee to Egypt to protect the baby Jesus from Herod’s campaign to kill all the children who were a potential risk to his plans of power.  Joseph must have been a man of physical and emotional strength; how grateful Mary must have been to him.

But, still, how terrifying, to know that the government wanted your baby dead.

We pro-lifers can certainly spot the irony.  We celebrate the birth of the Child, whose circumstances of conception would surely have put Him at risk of abortion today.  We observed the inauguration of a president who has affirmed his support of a mother’s reproductive right to kill her offspring as long as she does it before birth.

We are looking at the threat in Washington of passage of the FOCA bill, the Freedom of Choice Act, which would invalidate all state measures to restrict abortion, such as waiting periods or parental notification/permission in case of minors.  President Obama has said he wants to sign it.  Senator Harry Reid has already introduced the “Prevention First Act,” which is being billed as an effort to prevent unwanted pregnancies and which would result in large amounts of money going to organizations like Planned Parenthood.

In New York State, we can expect the Reproductive Health and Privacy Protection Act (RHAPP) to be introduced soon in the state legislature.  Both RHAPP and FOCA would remove virtually all restrictions on abortion, RHAPP at the state level and FOCA at the federal level.

In the UN there are treaties like CEDAW and ENDA that, if ratified completely by the US, would override our internal laws.  For instance, although the wording of CEDAW does not include abortion, the enforcement committee of the UN has in multiple instances used it to pressure countries to legalize abortion.

Christmas celebrates the welcoming of an “unplanned pregnancy” and the birth of the Child.  Two levels of lawmakers and the new President say, “If they interfere with your plans, dispose of them.”

Locally, on the west side of Rochester, Terry West has a community TV show called “God’s Watchful Eye.”  She filmed a segment for her January 26 broadcast of this ironic combination.  It first shows a beautiful and extensive Nativity scene, with shepherds and townspeople and many visitors, all centering on a protective man, his loving wife, and their baby.  Then it discusses the un-protective intentions of our government.

Let’s keep the “Irony of 2009” in mind as we remind our elected officials that the main function of government is protection.

Terry West’s show can be seen on cable Channel 12 at 10 PM on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month.  The west side area includes Greece, Gates, Chili, Brockport, Hilton, Ogden, Spencerport, Holly, and Byron.  Terry has been doing a cable show for about 4 years and looks for spiritually helpful topics and locations for her show.  She has commented on the number of gardens for the unborn that she and her husband see when they’re travelling, and she films many of those gardens for her show. 

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