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January 30, 2017
Legislative alert results: H J Res 43
February 27, 2017

A big thank you for the creators of our new site

We like our lovely new site and would like to mention the folks responsible for its genesis and a partial list of what they did.

  • Sean McCormack (McCormack Productions, Inc.) spearheaded the project and argued convincingly against re-creating a fossil design.
  • Tom Bowers took voluminous information from the old website and rearranged and reworked it so it would fit better in a more current design.
  • Ray Hasto, the contact person for technical aspects, explained and explained.  He also reworked and fixed.
  • Stephen Gardner set up access for us to the test system, got the legacy url in place, and explained why multiple things wouldn’t work in test mode, so we would have to wait to test them.
  • Shelby Stevens is responsible, among many other things, for the cute little blinking “ALERT” sign that appears on the landing page when we have an action alert to communicate.  She told us how to turn it on and off, too.

So, thank you Sean, Tom, Ray, Stephen, and Shelby!

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