Bill Nye’s overpopulation claims resurface, but America disapproves

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June 16, 2017
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Bill Nye’s overpopulation claims resurface, but America disapproves

As Bill Nye “the science guy” continues to push his radical theories regarding overpopulation, the general public is coming to the realization of the dangers of his ideas.

He has been at it for decades. Popular television host Bill Nye made a name for himself educating young people on various scientific topics, mostly during the 1990s. Since then, the scientist has remained active, maintaining a high degree of credibility due to his popularity.

But now, the man who taught young people so much for the past twenty years has resorted to some of his more unpopular theories.

Broadcasting in his new television show titled “Bill Nye Saves the World”, the host contemplated the idea of having too many children and the implications of overpopulation on society. While the idea of the discussion was to encourage people to have less children without implementing some sort of policy, Nye’s willingness to proceed in efforts to limit reproduction are staggering and alarming.

At the same time, this is the same host who compared humans to sponges who merely take up space and soak up resources. A high degree of respect for humanity and individual rights has never been something Nye has been well known for, as he hinted at the idea of overpopulation long ago.

Nye’s new show airs on Netflix, an extremely popular source of non fictional television, especially for young people. Many will refer to his recent rhetoric regarding overpopulation as indoctrination. A simple google search of “Bill Nye overpopulation” yields all sorts of critical results referring to Nye’s ideas as “repulsive”, “anti-science”, and even “anti-human”.

Population control may still be far from reality. But with ideas such as Nye’s swirling regarding overpopulation, this sort of devastating action could actually be considered. For now, despite the lowest poverty levels in human history and plenty of evidence to debunk Nye’s theories, advocates for this “issue” will stick with encouraging young people to refrain from reproducing. And maybe, that’s even more dangerous.

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