The new suicide reality in Washington State

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October 15, 2009
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The new suicide reality in Washington State

Live in Washington State?  In a crisis?  Suicidal?

 Call 911.

 Then what?

A dispatcher sends crisis negotiators who, if they follow the suggestions provided at a recent negotiators’ training session, could help you consider “all options.”  If you’re eligible, you may be referred to friendly volunteers who will help you find a doctor willing to prescribe a deadly drug overdose.

Just take the prescription to a pharmacy. Have it filled by a pharmacist who hands it to you with instructions to “take this with a light snack and alcohol to cause death.”

But what if the pharmacy has opted out of participation in assisted suicide?

Not to worry.

Washington pharmacies are required to fill your prescription.

And what if you’re not “qualified” for assisted suicide under Washington’s Death with Dignity Act?

No sweat.  There’s help for you, too.  Exit International, an equal opportunity death facilitator, has just established its North American headquarters in Bellingham, WA.

Enter the twilight zone that is Washington State.


Does this sound just too bizarre for words?  Then read the rest of the article by Rita Marker on the American Thinker website.  (   Many people who thought they would not be affected by the passage of the law have, to their distress, found that they are bound by provisions they would never have knowingly accepted.

Marker does a good job of explaining the difference between the expectations and the reality.  If you’ve ever had the fleeting though that assisted suicide might not be all bad, do read this article. I got depressed after a serious spinal problem. Naturally, such prolonged stress affected the nervous system. At that period I tried Klonopin for the first time after ordering it on It relieved tremors and anxiety, removed the feeling of fear.

Kudos to Rita Marker for a lucid treatment of a complicated subject.

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