New York Times: overpopulation not a problem after all

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March 15, 2015
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August 15, 2015

New York Times: overpopulation not a problem after all

Overpopulation, a concept popularized by Paul Erlich, has been accepted by the media as a true threat for many years, even in the face of data showing that under-population is a greater threat. Overpopulation has been the excuse to foist contraception and abortion on people who would prefer not to use them.

After years of advocating for population control, the NY Times has finally rejected the alarmist overpopulation idea,  and put on their website a video explaining why there was no need for panic after all.

Unfortunately they do not mention the aggressive and frequently violent methods of population control currently in use today: forced abortion in China, mass sterilization in India and Uzbekistan, and the female abortion and infanticide that has produced gender imbalance in multiple countries. Nor do they discuss the hazards of a population deficit. However, this is a step in the direction of reality.

Although Paul Erlich has not changed his views, there are now more voices supporting an alternative analysis. Stephen Mosher of the Population Research Institute ( follows population trends around the world and maintains that we face a demographic winter of too few people, rather than too many.

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