The Butterfly Circus – Unexpected Impact

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December 15, 2010
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The Butterfly Circus  –  Unexpected Impact

Dynamite comes in pretty small packages.  But it’s powerful.  So is an unpretentious video, also available for watching on the Internet, called “The Butterfly Circus.”  Only 20 minutes long, it is a ringing message of hope and a solid endorsement of the value of human life. It shows, rather than tells, a story of overcoming the odds and realizing one’s own personal worth.

“The Butterfly Circus” takes place in the Depression  Will is a handicapped man who earns his living as a freak in a circus side show.  The video is of his interactions with the owner of another and very different circus, one that does not have a side show. When Will finds himself with the second circus, welcome to stay but with no job, an interesting and unexpected story unfolds..

The circus owner is played by Eduardo Verastegui, who starred in “Bella” and has since been outspokenly pro-life.   Will is played by Nick Vujicic, who was born with no arms or legs and who makes a living as a motivational speaker.

Want a real lift?  A real upper?  Watch this video.  You will not regret spending the 20 minutes. After writing this, I think I’ll go watch it … again.

Anne LeBlanc
Rochester Area Right to Life

RARTL Updated December, 2010

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