Pro-life billboards in Rochester

Belgian doctors “killing patients who have not asked to die”
August 15, 2015
AMA to reconsider assisted suicide policy
June 1, 2016

Billboards in Summer, 2015

Billboards in Rochester

The Rochester Area Right to Life Education Fund has a two-month billboard display(summer, 2005) in selected locations in Rochester intended to provide help for pregnant women.  Funding has been provided by a generous donor.

Many women have an abortion under the assumption that it will be a quick easy fix that will enable them to get on with their lives.  They can be unpleasantly surprised to find themselves later suffering from grief, depression, or guilt, with many other possible aftereffects/consequences.

Women tend to suffer alone and in silence, thinking that nobody else has experienced the same complications.  They are also afraid of being scorned as a weakling if they admit to emotional difficulty following their abortion.

There is help for women who are having difficulty “getting on with their lives.”  We hope that (1) pregnant women will consult pregnancy centers for resources that will allow them to have their babies and that (2) women (and men) hurting from a past abortion will find their way into programs that will help them.

Physical and psychosocial complications of abortion:
Relationship changes:
Effects on men:
Post abortion programs:  Project Rachel (
and  Rachel’s Vineyard (
Some pregnancy centers in the local Rochester area: Place of Hope, Focus, Crossroads, Birthright, Women’s Care Center, and Embracing Options

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