Nelson Mandela vehemently pro-abortion

State laws are of primary importance in personhood
November 15, 2014
Abortions over 56 million since Roe v. Wade
November 15, 2014

Nelson Mandela vehemently pro-abortion:
“Women have the right to decide what they want to do
with their bodies.”

Nelson Mandela’s death in December, 2013, was noted by all the mainstream media, with floods of  comments by celebrities.  His influence as a statesman and a fighter for human rights was lauded by all.  However, his definition of “human” did not include unborn children.  Not normally mentioned in the media was the fact that during his presidency he supported, advocated for, and signed into law the “Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Bill.”  He was also allied with the African National Congress (ANC), the ANC Women’s League, and the South African Communist Party, all of which are ideologically committed to abortion.

Ryan Bomberger, black leader of The Radiance Foundation said, “How can you condemn the evil of apartheid and turn around and deem another group to be less than human?”

“In the Words of Nelson Mandela” Compiled and edited by Jennifer Crwys-Williams, Penguin Books Ltd in South Africa, 2010, p 1.

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