Success in Texas on their sonogram law

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Success in Texas on their sonogram law

The sonogram law in Texas had been held up by a lawsuit from the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) objecting to both the necessity of a sonogram and also the requirement for doctors to detail the current fetal development stage of their unborn child as part of informed consent.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling supporting the Texas law and against CRR.

The justices rejected CRR’s logic in opposing the sonogram and full informed consent, saying that it violates the right of a doctor to decide what information to give his patient.

The Family Research Council reports:

“Like most people, the justices dismissed that logic completely, noting that the law only asks doctors to provide “truthful, non-misleading information”–an apparent rarity in the abortion industry, since Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards said that asking people to be honest about the procedure sets “an abhorrent precedent.” Her organization recognizes that the biggest weapon in the abortion debate is the ultrasound machine. For thousands of women, this window into the womb is the only persuasion they need to reconsider abortion. And, as Richards’s group has proved, pro-abortion activists will do everything in their power to stop mothers from recognizing the personhood of their unborn babies. As Judge Jones said, the state has “legitimate interests in protecting the potential life within her.” “Denying her up-to-date medical information,” Jones wrote, “is more of an abuse to her ability to decide than providing the information.” This is a country where Americans can’t even play paintball without signing a paper acknowledging the risks. How does it possibly make sense to let women undergo a major surgical procedure without giving them all the facts?” (FRC January 11, 2012)


Family Research Council, Tony Perkins’ Washington Update, January 11, 2012,

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