Shocking video and surprising lawsuit

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January 15, 2010
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Shocking video and surprising lawsuit

Northland Family Planning Centers, an abortion chain that, according to Jill Stanek, does abortions up to 24 weeks, put out a video intended to make people comfortable about the abortions that Northland was doing and about scheduling one for themselves.  It talked about the “goodness” of women making the very best decision they can.  It was all nebulous and feel-good.

However, the pro-life Center for Bio-Ethical Reform took Northland’s video and interspersed video clips that make the nebulous comments much more specific.  These clips show abortions in progress.  The resulting video is shocking in the contrasts it offers.  DO NOT CLICK ON THIS LINK IF THERE ARE YOUNG CHILDREN IN THE ROOM!  Look at it before you show older children.  Here is the video:

Northland has responded by threatening a lawsuit if CBR continues to use the enhanced video.  The Thomas More Law Center has voiced its willingness to meet Northland in court.  Since a lawsuit would focus more attention on the enhanced video, it may not be in Northland’s best interest to go to court.  Time will tell.

For more details, go to Jill Stanek’s website.

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