Choose Life License Plates – Success Status Report

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February 15, 2009
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February 17, 2009

Choose Life License Plates – Success Status Report

The license plate on your car is a small but obvious billboard and in some states it can be a pro-life billboard.

Russ Amerling, of “Choose Life” has been working tirelessly to help states get a special license plate made available to motorists that would charge the motorist an extra fee, because this is a vanity plate, but it is a special vanity plate because part of the extra fee goes to a cause, in this case pregnancy centers that do not refer for abortion.  Needless to say, the opposition by pro-abortion groups is fierce.  However, from time to time Russ issues a newsletter and we get to hear some of his success stories.

Here’s the progress report from his December newsletter wrapping up 2008.

Twenty two states have approved the plate and $9.6 million has been raised. More information can be obtained about each state on the Other States map at

In Florida alone, over $6.5 million has been raised for the cause of life and adoption for Pregnancy Care Centers, Maternity Homes and non-profit adoption agencies. There are many compelling testimonies on our web site, but this is my favorite, as it shows exactly how the Choose Life license plate works in concert with all the other life saving efforts in front of abortion facilities:

Choose Life license plates Save Another

Teresa (not her real name) arrived at a pregnancy center in Tampa, FL and told her story to a counselor. She was coming to have an abortion and saw several Choose Life license plates on the 10 mile drive. When she arrived at the abortion clinic, she told Judy, the counselor out front “You are a sign and seal that what I was about to do was wrong” She drove off knowing her future was going to be rough, but pretty well assured that God was going to use her in His plan.  –Judy (Tampa Counselor)

 Russ & Jill Amerling
National Choose Life License Plate Publicity Coordinators
Choose Life, Inc.
PO Box 830152
Ocala, FL 34483-0152
Cell: 352 624-2854
Office: 352 624-2978
Toll Free Fax: 866 850-8572
Toll Free Phone: 877 454-1203

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