Rochester Area Right to Life PAC Endorsements

AIDS conference focuses on abortion
October 11, 2008
Pro-lifers: Election day is done, but not our work
November 11, 2008

For more than 30 years American babies have been killed, i.e. one million+ a year.  More than 50,000,000 babies have already been killed by abortion – not their choice.   Now we hear about “assisted suicide” for the ill/aged.

 To protect babies, mothers, families, the disabled, aged and ourselves, we must
exercise our right to VOTE on Tuesday, November 4th 2008

The Rochester Area Right to Life Committee, Inc. Political Action Committees (PAC), in consultation with national and regional right to life representatives, based on candidates’ voting records, challengers’ responses to questions about abortion and euthanasia, e.g. human embryonic stem cell research, cloning, Medicaid abortion funding, partial-birth abortion ban, parental notification of a minor’s abortion, has determined the candidates below to be “pro-life” in their opposition of abortion, infanticide and euthanasia.  We support their candidacies.

President of the United States of America: John McCain (R)
Vice-President of the United States of America:  Sarah Palin (R) 

NCE = No Candidate Endorsed

Your County Congressional District State Senate District State Assembly District
Erie 26 – 28 NCE


58 William Stachowski (R)
59 Dale M. Volker (R)
60, 61 NCE


140 Robin Schimminger (D)
141, 142, 144  NCE
143 Dennis Gabryszak (R)
145 Mark Schroeder (D)
146 Jack Quinn
148 James P. Hayes (R)
Genesee 26 NCE 60 NCE 127, 139, 147 NCE


26 NCE


57 Catharine Young (R)
59 Dale M. Volker (R)
130 Joseph Errigo (R)
147 NCE


25 Dale Sweetland (R)
26 NCE
28 NCE
29 John Randy Kuhl (R)
54 Michael Nozzolio (R)
55 James Alesi (R)
56 Joseph Robach (R)
62 George Maziarz (R)
130 Joseph Errigo (R)
131-133 NCE
134 Bill Reilich (R)
137, 139 NCE
Niagara 26 NCE


60 NCE
62 George Maziarz (R)
138  NCE
140 Robin Schimminger (R)
142 NCE
148 James P. Hayes (R)


24 NCE
29 John Randy Kuhl (R)
54 Michael .Nozzolio (R)
59 Dale M. Volker (R)
129 Brian Kolb (R)
130 Joseph Errigo (R)
Orleans 26, 28 NCE 62.George Maziarz (R) 139 NCE
Oswego 23 John McHugh (R) 48 David Renzi (R) 115, 124 NCE
128 Robert Oaks (R)
Seneca 24 NCE 54 Michael  Nozzolio (R) 29  Brian Kolb (R)
Steuben 29 John Randy Kuhl (R) 53 NCE 136 NCE
Wayne 25 Dale Sweetland (R)) 54 Michael  Nozzolio (R) 128 Robert Oaks (R)
Wyoming 26 NCE 59 Dale M. Volker (R) 147 NCE
Yates 29 John Randy Kuhl (R) 53 NCE 136 NCE

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