Guilt and shame and the APA

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August 20, 2008
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October 6, 2008

When a woman has problems with guilt and shame after an abortion, she is frequently told to simply get on with her life.  Her feelings are treated with impatience.  Her guilt and shame are blamed on religion.

Theresa Bonapartist comments that she had a saline abortion.  She realized the full impact of what she had done when she delivered the baby, alone in a room, after 12 hours of labor, and could see his little hands and feet.  She could hardly believe what she had done.

She makes two points well worth noting.

First:  “When did we become a society when killing your unborn child and having it bother you is unacceptable and denied???”

Second: “My faith does not instill guilt and shame, my faith brings me the mercy of God and forgiveness and healing, the act of killing my own child and seeing him dead on the bed beside me instilled the guilt and shame.”

The endnote to the articles says: Theresa is the New York State Contact for Operation Outcry and the Director of Lumina/Hope & Healing after abortion, a post abortion referral service. She has two sons, one currently serving as a US Marine.

Note that the American Psychological Association recently said that a single abortion doesn’t cause problems for women.  (“APA Task Force Finds Single Abortion Not A Threat To Women’s Mental Health”

Although there was significant dissent to their article, they have not published a modification or acknowledged the points to the contrary that have been brought up.

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