2008 Rochester Events Recalling Roe V. Wade

Amnesty International now pushing abortion
January 15, 2008
Award for euthanasia of the pre-born
August 5, 2008

Want a bus to go to Washington?

Can’t go to Washington, want something closer to home?
Want to go to a church service Sunday night for a service for the Sanctity of Life?
Want a church service Tuesday evening to pray for an end to abortion?

Details are listed under Events.  Or you can click here.

Interested in opposing Governor Spitzer’s RHAPP bill that promotes and protects abortion in New York State?  New Yorkers for Parental Rights are organizing a rally to greet Mrs. Spitzer when she arrives to promote the bill at a gathering sponsored by Planned Parenthood and other organizations.  See NYFPR’s website for details.

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